About Us

Hello! I'm Zahrah, founder of One Two Play. I'm also mum to Aydin, an energetic little toddler who loves sensory and messy play, and Amayah, my little girl who is still exploring and unsure about how she feels about messy play.

After spending a month in lockdown wanting to do everything to keep Aydin entertained but not being able to leave my house to get the supplies I needed, I developed the idea of One Two Play.

One Two Play is your all in one, sanity saving, learning through play kit. Each kit comes with a planned activity, however, child led play is encouraged. Let your children explore and create their own activities, the benefits and possibilities are endless.

We also stock a range of open ended toys to allow little imaginations to get creative.

Our range of Montessori inspired furniture and decor are things I use in my own home with my kids. They were designed to inspire independence.